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SketchUp 3-D Drawing of A Business

Students in Mr. Bednar’s Entrepreneurship Class at Pleasanton, Gibbon, Lexington, and Crawford have created a 3-D drawing of their business idea using SketchUp software. SketchUp is a drafting program used by draftsmen and architects.

Michael W’s Project:


Play the Stock Market Game

This on going long term assignment is to pretend that you are investing in the stock market. You will need to establish an account at

You will need to use your gmail account with a password…..please don’t forget.
Please join the “First To A Million” game that has already been established, and begin purchasing shares in companies that reflect your interests. You may want to use google finance to get a quote, or to establish a portfolio, to keep you up to date with a variety of publicly traded businesses.

You can view an “E-Trade” commercial here

In addition, please log on to to review the Stock Market Terminology Flash Cards. When you are ready, please take / retake the quiz, and send Mr. Bednar your best quizlet score.

Check out the Stock Market Basics Video Clip

How are you going to pay for college?

Key Career Terms Flashcard Set

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Pledge of Allegiance

According to Nebraska law, every k12 student must be given the opportunity to recite the “Pledege of Allegiance to the U.S. flag:

Welcome to Class, 2012-13

I want to welcome students at Crawford, Gibbon, Lexington, and Pleasanton High Schools to Entrepreneurship Class, 2012-2013. We have two sections of this class during the day (first and seventh hours). Assignments are located on the site, a learning management system, to manage assignments and grades. I want to use this site to provide additional links and resources for class. In addition, students are asked to utilize their gmail email system for google tools and to share presentations with each other.

Making Resolutions

Making New Year’s Resolutions is popular by many people. A resolution is a goal that will improve your life in some way. Adults often make resolutions related to saving money, losing weight, or exercise. High School students and College Students have different priorities at times. Have you made any resolutions? What does it take to complete a resolution? Your assignment is to identify at least five resolutions to be completed in the next 90 days.

Michael Hyatt has some great tips in the link “Goal Setting” here.
In case you never received any instruction on this simple but important skill, I’d like to offer some pointers. First, why prepare 90-Day Objectives? Four reasons:

To identify what you want to accomplish.
To help you focus on what matters most.
To make sure that you and your supervisor are in agreement regarding your priorities.
To provide you with accountability.

Youtube’s Whatyououghttoknow: